Let us help you create a strong benefits strategy for attracting and keeping the very best employees. When you trust DBS, your employees can trust that you’re doing your best for them.

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When DBS takes charge of the tedious and monotonous tasks related to benefits management, you can focus on what you do best. Save money and serve your employees better than ever.or them.

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Employee Education


Benefits work better when employees understand every aspect of their package and how they can get the most. At DBS, we make sure your benefits package is good and you look great.

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Welcome to DBS Benefits

Employee Benefits

At DBS Benefits, our goal is to take the complicated and confusing task of managing health plans and health benefits out of your hands. When we take over this burden for you, you can do what you do best -- and so can we. Our benefits administration services can help you acquire and retain talent, provide completive compensation with greater ease and form a long-term strategy for keeping up with the needs and demands of your expanding workforce.

We have plan options that are right for you. We can help you offer medical, dental and benefits to your domestic small business or provide the expected level of benefits to international workers without insulting or overreaching. From the initiation of your plan, at renewal time and throughout your company’s relationship with ours, we offer expert-level client service sure to make a real difference in how well your company runs and how satisfied your employees are with their benefits.

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