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DBS Benefits is a service-oriented company that takes health plan administration out of your hands so that you and your employees can focus on what you do best. We create strategies for you based on your goals and assist with budgeting and cost analysis. If it’s involved with health plan administration, move it into our domain so it’s no longer a burden for you. We understand that what you may consider a necessarily evil is actually a meaningful part of your compensation plan and something your employees value.

aboutOur mission is simple:

At DBS Benefits, we believe that your employee benefits program should make your employees feel good about your company. We make sure your vital human assets have the resources and information they need to understand the type of coverage you offer and fully understand how their coverage works.It’s as simple as that, but it isn’t exactly easy. We have a complete infrastructure of people and software in place to make sure we can enhance your company, your employee recruiting and retention and how you’re positioned in the marketplace. While you may be able to cope with benefits yourself or with an in-house employee or team, doesn’t it make more sense to outsource to professionals?

Our company so much more than just an office and some people. We’re a strategic alliance of well-qualified and experienced strategists, specialists, brokers and service groups. Our people have impressive portfolios and diverse background behind them. Our leadership team alone has more than three decades combined experience in employee benefits.

We’re proud to be a Texas-based company, but our reach doesn’t stop at the state line. We have clients that depend on us across America and around the world. They choose DBS Benefits for our straightforward approach and forward-looking strategies.

With DBS, your company of any size can now benefit from resources and approaches previously only available to the largest companies. Our custom solutions are sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

If you’re ready to learn more about outsourcing health plan administration to our professional benefits administration company, you’re ready to contact us at DBS Benefits. Contact us now to begin exploring how we’re different, we’re better and we’re properly positioned for you.

At DBS Benefits, you can benefit from our ideas, our innovation and our assistance. Why not get started now with outsourcing benefits administration?