At DBS Benefits, we do more than just handle the nuts and bolts of plan administration for you. As a full-service benefits consulting company, we help you establish a long-term strategy that allows you to get and keep the best talent in your industry. When you work with us to make sure you’re meeting employee needs and desires through a well-structured benefits package, you’re helping move your business forward. From core offerings for small businesses to comprehensive benefits plans for larger companies in highly competitive environments, we have advice and options that will help you build and maintain strong employee relationships.

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HR Consulting & Legal Services

International Benefits

Personal Benefits/Small Business

Let us advise you on the best options and you’re starting on the pathway toward less expensive benefits that your employees will like and that will meet your legal and ethical obligations. We take into consideration plan and benefit costs, your company’s culture and compliance issues when advising you on what benefits to offer to your human assets. Our complete cost benefits analysis and company culture analysis ensure that we’re making recommendations that fit your business, fit your industry and meet your specific goals while taking into consideration special challenges your company may face.

Let DBS Benefits provide benefits consulting services for your company that help you offer a fair package at the best possible cost to you.